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Oakville Men's Soccer Club was established in 2001 to provide a Sunday outdoor recreational league for men 35 years of age and over. In 2015 we moved the age range to a Men's Over 40 League, allowing one underage players 35 to 39 per team. For the 2022 season we have 10 teams playing. Players turning 40 in 2022 are eligible to play, we will allow one player 35-39 years old.  The Club is registered with Peel Halton Soccer Association and with the Ontario Soccer Association. Our Referees and Assistant Referees are certified members of the Halton Referee's Association. Team and Individual registrations are always welcome. The 2022 Season begins June 5th, 2022. 

Registration Fees for 2022 can be found below:

Outfield player - $235

Goalkeeper - $115

Minimum number of players per team = 18 players

Maximum number of players per team = 25 players

We accept team and individual registrations.

If you wish to register or find out more about our league please do not hesitate to contact Gordon King at gking@soccerweb.ca


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